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Have you ever wanted to do something outragious, something new, Well you just stumbled upon the find of the century. Mr. D Swagg the show stopper, with his OC strapped on his chest, and his GET WIT IT OR GET LEFT attitude, you will never find or even come close to his ZIZI, he diffinatly brings the party and signifies the class at every event. This talented song writter and performer takes everyday life and events and turns them into your favorite everyday song. A TRU LOVER not a fighter is his fav motto, he takes every melody and uses it to its full potential taking his listeners on a ride full of adventure, musical genious and money missions called APAIRIGO. Anybody can spit any body can make a song but Mr. D Swagg!!!! 2G's!!!!!! Is a trend setter, expecting nothing less than swag he covers the whole nine, to his catchy lingo To his clothing line X Class. His unorthadox style will grab your ears making you want more...more...more and more. Born to Reverend Henderson in his hometown Washington D.C. 2G's experience in the church, singing on the choir as an adelescent paved the way for his talent to grow into what lies befor your eyes......God Sent.....Gifted...... He is truly an EXTRAORDINARY PERSON (((EXP))) He's a must have in ya tape deck and a must see at any event.........



Welcome to my dictionary Swaggaholics, Learn Your Terminology And Use It Well.. FOr the code is the way of life for there are many fakes amongst us.... Speak the language of the TRU NEW WORLD ORDER!




-Hold Weight-

a sitituation or endeavor that can benefit you

-1 Percenter-

a cutie that is perfect from head to toe, a rare bread(of course in your mind)


a female or in some cases a male who has no respect for there self and sleeps with any thing walkin


a hatettttter, not cause he got it but b/c they cant do it like me

-Slow Head-

a contagous desease normally found in cuties, premature case of mental illness


money makin mission between a male and a female


to be in a unbreakable zone, once reached there is no exiting this high level of consciousness


that ho acting so in love


an individual that chooses to hate on another persons success





a witness who is now a victum


i dnt need to go in depth

-A to Z-

thats that good mid mixed wit that loud


a sofisticated ladie, young or old

-Upper Room-

the studio

Thank You

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